Engines and Mechanisms

I’ve been thinking.

We are now in the fashion weekz moment, right now is set in Milan ( and let me say, this is a a moment much better than the previous two, which has begun in a major way thanks to Alessandro Michele in Gucci) and I noticed how without being there fisically I was able to watch almost all the shows from my couch. Yes, fashion brands themselves stream the fashion show live on social medias – i?m writing this articles after the amazing Women’s and Men’s Fall/Winter 2017 show which opened with an amazing Eva Herzigova and a slight recall to 80′ and 90’s fashion.

Fashion, an elite by nature, is allowing to ANYONE to watch the runway from home. Also from the zooming of the camera I can notice many more details that people sitting in front rows are not able to see and I say this from personal experience. Than the main mechanism goes somewhere else perhaps. Being there, being seen, in the street fashion and fashion bloggers era  the important thing is to be there.I’d like to investigate more and more closely this phenomenon. I have to admit that I for one am more interested in the fashion aspect itself (clothes, accesories and so on) than this particular aspect although I can understand how the main interest in on it.

Anyways fashion is something in which everyone is interested. It captures and calls and screams, like mermaids that drowned sailors in order to satisfy their true nature.

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